Suspiria ★★★

Whew boy.

Okay so I was anticipating the hell out of this. I really, really was. And for a majority of its run time, much like First Reformed and Hold The Dark before it, I was convinced that this was going to be in my top five of the year. Everything about this movie is masterful - the performances, the camera work, the pace, how proudly political and sexual it is, Thom Yorke's beautiful score. Every goddamn thing was working its magic on me.

Then the climax hit and it turned something so genuinely profound into outright hyper ridiculous schlock. Which sucks because I usually love it when horror movies go into this territory (I'll put it like this: I will lay my life on the line to defend the ending of A Cure For Wellness) but not here. Thankfully the prologue picks up the slack and provides a genuine ending but that climax oof.

Still, it's certainly better than the original.

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