Suspiria ★★★★★

This is a waltz thinking about our bodies
What they mean for our salvation
With only the clothes that we stand up in
Just the ground on which we stand
Is the darkness ours to take?
Bathed in lightness, bathed in heat

All is well, as long as we keep spinning
Here and now, dancing behind a wall
When the old songs and laughter we do
Are forgiven always and never been true

When I arrive, will you come and find me?
Or in a crowd, be one of them?
Wore the wrong sign back beside her
Know tomorrow's at peace

2020 has been an abberation and I feel as if I am being generous with those words. A deadly disease, economic collapse, incompetent leaders, racial unrest, movie theaters shutting down, all of the shit we were looking forward to getting delayed, wild fires - the list goes on and on of what went wrong this year. And even this year challenged my love of cinema as well. I found myself going back to films I had seen before but with new perspectives, which yielded both positive and negative results.

One of which was hit with this was Luca Guadagnino's redo of the 70s classic Suspiria. I was never much of a fan of the original despite its technicolor fantasies, finding it obnoxious to view and lacking in depth. The remake fixed all of these problems but at the time for me dropped the ball in the final third, where all of the grit and realism it established early on was thrown out the window for silly gore and cheesy VFX work. And while I am still not entirely sold on the execution, something about this viewing fixed that. Instead, the sadness and melancholy beamed here. Those who showed their awful colors were rightly punished but it all felt more sad than satisfying. Mother had returned but her arrival was brought out of selfishness. And she left a pile of corpses in her wake while an innocent man lost his a part of his soul that day.

I was wrong about my initial feelings and I'm happy was able to get a copy of this without the worry of Jeff Bezos not giving a shit about physical media. We can never escape guilt or shame, no matter how much we try to. We can only live with it and the mistakes of the past. May we learn from them as we head into the future.

Happy New Year, everyone.

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