Tenet ★★★★

Merry Christmas y'all! And now for a movie that has nothing to do with thus Holiday at all!

Rewatch confirms a lot of things: That this is a James Bond movie 100% and I still don't understand everything about how Inversion works or Temporal Pincer Movements and yada yada yada. What I do understand is that Nolan really has made his most refined action to date and a blast of a movie in the process. Great soundtrack, terrific performances, beautiful cinematography and lightning fast pacing. This is Nolan just fucking around in comparison to his more accessible films and I like it that way.

I understand every single criticism aimed at this, I really do. But I was just so entertained the whole way through. It has more of a messy, frantic spark than the gooeyness of Interstellar or the presentable precision of Dunkirk. I don't know where Nolan will go after this, especially considering his spat with WB, but I really hope he scales down again after this. I think it's time we're due for something truly prestige.

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