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Favorite films

  • Rocketman
  • Adult Life Skills
  • Little Women
  • Legally Blonde

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  • The Hunger Games: Catching Fire


  • The Hunger Games


  • Spider-Man: Far from Home


  • The Wonder


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  • Doctor Who: Legend of the Sea Devils

    Doctor Who: Legend of the Sea Devils


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    You know what I said earlier [DISTANT SCREAMING] about not being a bad date? [SOBBING] Well, dates are not something I really do, you know. [SCREECHING AND WAILING] I mean, I used to. [FALLS OFF THE SOFA] Have done. [ROLLING AROUND ON THE FLOOR] And if I was going to, [DRY HEAVING] believe me, it'd be with you. [SCREAMING CRYING] I think you're one of the greatest people I've ever known. [THROWING UP]

  • Spider-Man: Homecoming

    Spider-Man: Homecoming


    *breath in* y’all I’m never gonna shut up about- I’m never gonna shut up about this damn movie bitch I’m never gonna shut. up. about- I’m gonna talk about it till the day. I. die!! matter of fact I’m boutta go buy this movie right now. you better bury me with that bitch in my hand in the CASKET motherf*cker, hell to the no, this is so!! f*cking!!! good!!!

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