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  • A Star Is Born

    A Star Is Born

    This was terrible.

    Bradley Cooper’s character was creepy as hell. I’m deeply concerned that that shit still passes as “romance” these days. And the whole story revolves around him! We’re supposed to find him sympathetic? No. Fuck that. 

    Lady Gaga was the only thing that made this movie popular. She was great. Sam Elliot was good too because he always is but he needed a bigger part.

    The characters are completely underdeveloped. The writing sucks. It’s unrealistic and it feels fake and boring.

  • Reversing Roe

    Reversing Roe


    The senate confirmed Kavanaugh today so it’s time to start studying and strategizing. They’re SO determined to hurt women that they’ve put a rapist on the Supreme Court.

    A lot of surprising things I didn’t know or forgot in this film. Republicans started decriminalizing & legalizing  abortion. Planned Parenthood was initially reluctant to provide abortions. Some of the first people in the US to open an abortion clinic were clergy. The anti-abortion movement started picking up steam when evangelicals lost the…