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  • The Passion of Joan of Arc


  • Alien


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  • The Cumverse

    The Cumverse


    Okay so...

    ...for around two months, I have been working on a feature with my friends. As you can probably tell from the poster and plot synopsis, it is nothing short of what is widely considered "high art".

    We're about two-thirds through the production, and as of now the film is just over forty minutes and there's a fair bit left, so expect the entire thing to be around an hour (also, I know you're probably thinking that there's gonna…

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  • The Passion of Joan of Arc

    The Passion of Joan of Arc



    -It has the most memorable soundtrack out of any silent film I've seen
    -It has the best acting out of any silent film I've seen (if it weren't for this movie I wouldn't even think silent films were even able to have good acting)
    -It has the largest scope out of any silent film I've seen
    -It has the most boundary-pushing/disturbing moments out of any silent film I've seen
    -It has…

  • Alien


    I wish I could live in a world where I could watch this movie without having it spoilt because it's so famous that even on my initial viewing I already knew everything that happened. Still, all the insane twists and turns are really well done, even if you already know they're coming, and the PHENOMENAL creature effects alongside the very well-built claustrophobic atmosphere make this film extremely effective regardless. The first half hour does kind of drag, but once the…

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  • Tall Girl 2

    Tall Girl 2

    Every day we stray further from God

  • American History X

    American History X


    Great great great great great great movie. I LOVE the black and white scenes in every way, specifically the opening; it’s so tense and well shot and just absolutely amazing. Edward Norton is phenomenal (some of the less important characters aren’t particularly well performed but he pretty much makes up for them) and the script delivers its plot in the most engaging and interesting structure possible. Despite some very corny parts and character arcs that didn’t fully work for me…