Come and See

Come and See ★★★★★

Come and See presents warfare as a relentless nightmare while also being extremely grounded and showcasing every scene in the most brutally realistic way possible. Nothing is glorified as there's no "heroic character" here because that's just not how real life works; it's just a bunch of people taking advantage of each other and instead of clearly explaining anything, the script leaves you with the impossible task of figuring out who (if anyone) is in the right. Everything from the earraping sound design to the haunting cinematography makes for a truly horrific experience that only gets increasingly more painful to sit through until the absolutely devastating final forty minutes, but on top of illustrating the horrors of war in the most visceral sense imaginable, this film truly examines it in complex detail and breaks down its effect on people, morality, and so much more.

I genuinely can't explain how insanely powerful Come and See is, but to briefly elaborate on its greatness, it's one of the few films out there that have multiple scenes which (on both viewings, by the way) left me thinking "damn, that's one of the best scenes ever made" as soon as they ended.

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