Admission ★★★

This is the fifth film I have watched from this list of Rachel's suggestions for me.

We are in this job for one reason, to say yes.

It's fairly charming and well made, but it suffers from way too many different plots/ideas all getting sort of jumbled up together.

It's a satire on the college admissions process, but also a romcom, but also a drama about a mother and her long lost son, but also has elements of a breakup, and while these are all just individual elements, they feel kind of mixed up in a soup of a movie.

I'm sure there's a version of this that works way better because all those individual elements are supporting one main plot instead of all trying to coexist. But it's not the worst thing. I found it fairly charming and well acted. Nat Wolff is great in most things he's in and this is no exception. Tina Fey plays this kind of role well, as does Rudd, although he strays slightly creepier in this one to me and I don't know exactly why. Some fun bit parts too, like Wallace Shawn, Lily Tomlin, and Michael Sheen being a neurotic wreck.

Also, as someone who loves higher education and the idea of college (and definitely hasn't reconsidered going back a few times) this made me viscerally hate higher education. So there's that.

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