Spirited ★★★★

There's a lot I really loved about this. I loved the concept, the choreography, the sets and lighting, the performances. It all felt so sincere and earnest, which, given how much of an improvement this and Instant Family were over Daddy's Home because of their sincereness, is clearly Sean Anders's strength.

Ferrell and Reynolds not only have great chemistry, but also play really well dramatically off of each other, and I was surprised how invested I was by the end of it. It even squeaked a couple tears out of me, which I was super not expecting.

I just really fell in love with the concept and the creativity of it all. There have been so many Christmas Carol movies that to see one that not only has a legitimately interesting concept but commits to it the entire way is a rarity and they nailed that aspect for sure.

The songs are all mostly good; at their worst its just one too many reprises and a few that are fine but not memorable. But the majority are great, and it really feels so so great to see a bid budget Hollywood musical that isn't afraid to be a musical.

Like the moment I realized this was going to be an earnest musical and not one that's ashamed to be one, I got way more excited. I could easily see myself revisiting this when I need a fun and creative Christmas boost; if not the whole movie, some of the songs for sure.

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