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  • The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye

    The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye

    well that was quite sweet! however, I'm kind of bummed that this didn't really cover the Pandrogeny Project that much? don't get me wrong, Genesis P-Orridge is fascinating and I was happy to see footage of Throbbing Gristle and watching them playing hide and seek in their archives. but uh, really feels like there wasn't much about "the amalgam Breyer P-Orridge" here. I wanted to hear more about the process, idk! but most importantly, there really wasn't much Lady Jaye!…

  • Be My Cat: A Film for Anne

    Be My Cat: A Film for Anne

    for sure my favorite brand of found footage movie is "cringe" - this, both Creep movies, and Murder Death Koreatown. just give me more movies about dudes being little fuckin freaks with their video cameras!

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  • Drumline


    I went to college for Radio/TV/Film and in one of the prerequisite classes our professor made us watch Drumline because he said it was a "masterpiece of story-telling" with a "perfect first, second and third act structure" and every time I'm paying my student loans, I think about how THAT is the kind of education that has put me in debt!

  • Ninja Scroll

    Ninja Scroll

    so. people love Ninja Scroll. but like. it has some Flaws. mainly, it has a female ninja with a whole poison vagina and they ABSOLUTELY SQUANDER HER!!!

    Because this is an Edgy Anime, Kagero gets raped a few times. Of course. But, she gets raped for ~plot reasons~, you see. Old man Dakuan explains that anyone who makes love to Kagero will become poisoned and die shortly after. So, clearly, the only way this Poison Pussy Power can be showcased…