Avengers: Endgame ★★★★

Totally forgot to enter this viewing and comment it again...

This time I watched it with my friend with whom I also watched Avengers in 2012. It was a really nice closure because we both sat there thinking of how much everything changed, how we grew and what we experienced in the past seven years. After the movie we went for a beer and talked about the movie and life.
Besides, it was fun to watch her react to different scenes because she sympathizes with characters easily and her excitement is very infectious. She even hold my hand in the last minutes of the battle and the final scences. Since she is not very touchy I found it very nice of her :-)

It was really good to rewatch it because you have time to realise more details and subtext in each scene. We watched in OV and I think some jokes work in the German dub better than in the original version. That's really rare but happens from time to time. Damn good work of the translators!

One more thing that came into my mind while I watched 'Endgame' for a second time: During time heist, Nebula took the particle from her future self and gave it to Thanos. Then she travelled back to the future, masqueraded as the 'nice' Nebula in order to open the time gate so that Thanos' ship is able to follow. But how? If she had the particle to travel back... Lalala... Just thinking... :-) Anyway, I still love it and if you want you can always find mistakes!

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