Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★★

This spin off had a strange impression on me. While watching I got a feeling of very slow pacing, unnecessary dialogues and very few seconds of boredom. But when I left the movies I was far away from hating it. I felt content, I liked it. And I liked it even more on the next day. 

Han Solo is an adventure movie. Besides its flaws it includes an exciting train heist, visually incredible scenes during the Kessel Run and decent chemistry between the characters. Sometimes it lacks of well pointed humour and another time you find yourself wondering why Dryden Vos is that famous evil guy. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of Paul Bettany but the character itself doesn't seem that terrifying and obviously his army gets easily outnumbered and conquered. 
I also had problems with the soundtrack. Parts of it were really good and the rest was just badly placed. As if it were written for another movie. I guess, those contradictions underlies the production problems they had while making the movie.

As already said, you easily forgive the movie's flaws because after all it's Solo and who doesn't forgive his crooked smile? The movie narrates Solo's past which lied in the background, hidden. Until now. We now know how Han and Chewie became friends and who and what inspired him to become the most famous smuggler so many people admired from the very beginning.

It's not perfect but enough for pleasant entertainment. It proves another time that spin offs work better than the new triology. Because Star Wars is not only about Jedis and Skywalkers but also about a galaxy far far away and I believe it offers more stories worth telling than only one. So... let's see for more.

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