Woman at War

Woman at War ★★★½

I'm so happy to have watched this movie because I call this an important one. Not because of its topic, message or its assurance that you don't need well-payed studios and loads of money for a good movie, but also because it shows both sides of an world issue. 

What is everyone prepared to sacrifice for a better world? If you want to protest against current circumstances, if you want to stop big companies, which basically rule the system, you sometimes need extreme solutions to force a change or a sign of resistance (excluding violence or any other physical harm). What if that means to resign daily comfort? Electricity, less food or the freedom to buy everything you want?  What are we up to sacrifice if we knew that it could bring change for good if we all pull together? 
These questions came up to my mind while watching 'Woman at war'. I realised that coming up to one right answer is almost impossible. The movie also shows the difficulties to believe that only few people can change the world. Because sometimes (and especially in this movie) you get the feeling that you have no chance to make a difference just by yourself. I often share this feeling outside cinema but it's impossible for me to give up. So this movie really encourages me to believe that every little step makes a difference, even if it 'just' means to take care if each other.

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