Annette ★★★★½

“So… may we start ?”

Since that opening line we are introduced through the mind of Leos Carax and the Spark Brothers as they try to tell their story through a unusual musical. If you’re familiar with Carax previous works you’ve probably seen most of his unique storytelling and overall surreal style. Annette indeed is a complete weird ride and a bonkers of a film  but it isn’t  as crazy as his previous film Holy Motors.

Annette in a way it’s something admirable to cinema and we can see the directions intention today explore exploitation, celebrity culture and obsession in a unique way. However I honestly would’ve liked the film more if it wasn’t a musical. Don’t get me wrong I love musicals but the fact they’re singing non stop was a hit or miss. At times it felt way all over the place and it ruined some of the moments for me but at times they hit and were very memorable like the Vegas scene or the ending scene. But, other than the weird moments with the music I thought the acting was completely amazing and Adam Driver gives his best performance and one that should be remembered. He totally owns Henry and makes the character one that will be unforgettable and even analyzed in my opinion. 

Overall Annette has a lot of ideas but it’s execution can be messy. Annette can be meta, fun , terrifying, satirical and overall a great experience  for  anyone that loves cinema. This movie will be hella divisive tho and will generate a lot of buzz with a lot of interpretations and analysis of the film but Annette is an amazing cinema experience and unforgettable one.

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