Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★½

The way I used to hate this movie with my life . I used to criticize everyone who said this was good ( I was an asshole ) but this was top tier Star Wars imo.

The reason I used to hate this movie is because I felt betrayed by how they treated Luke , Rey , the force and all the characters. BUT THAT WAS THE POINT.

Luke arcs is probably one of the best in Star Wars as we actually see our hero on its lowest point . He failed as a teacher and he doesn’t have the same way of thinking about the force he used to have. It’s more of a neutral side of the force. The ending was really good for Luke as he actually learned and embrace his mistakes , giving hope to the Rebellion. Honestly this was really well written and I hated when I first saw it because I thought he was going to lightsaber the shit out of everyone lol.

Another Arc that was amazing was Rey and Kylo. Kylo learned more of his value and we see the struggle between his duality in a perfect way. Rey was also amazing and her parent being no one is the best because it actually shows that you don’t have to be connected to something special to be strong with the force , anyone can be.

Of course there are disappointments with all the filler Star Wars always has so it didn’t bother me this time. Yeah the casino thing is meh and the kiss between Rose and Finn was cringe hahah but yes.

Also the cinematography is gorgeous and the best looking Star Wars movie to date.

I’m sorry for hating this movie.

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