The House of the Devil ★★

What starts as an average night babysitting in the 1980s, continues as an average night babysitting in the 1980s for most of the film. This is what they call a "Slow Burn".

Ti West nails the 80s. I mean, I can't speak from experience, I wasn't really around but it looks and feels authentic. You have the promise of a horror movie but this makes you wait. What you get is a lot of slightly strange occurrences revolving around a lunar eclipse in a small college town. You understand from the poster, from the trailer, from the title, that you're getting yourself into something darker.

But when the devil finally shows up it's underwhelming. It's totally predictable. I'm preparing for the worst case scenario the entire movie and then it happens. It doesn't manage to scare or impress in the slightest. The family that the whole story revolves around comes across as fake. I was hoping for a huge cathartic release but was left unfulfilled.