Annette ★★½

So may I start? I was confused and drowsed halfway through I was about to end watching this and let alone watch it in some other time. But then I got up suddenly I told myself that I was watching a Carax film, was written and music by the Sparks Brothers/Sparks, which music I adored so much. When I first heard Annette, I was like...okay; directed by Carax who made the hallucinating Holy Motors and has likely an obsession with long takes, Adam Driver...and Sparks!!! This is insane!

To be completely honest, I wasn't disappointed with what I've witnessed. I just wasn't sure if I like this or not. Annette is a film that will surely divides viewers. It takes a lot from us even if you are familiar with his style and conventions. It is another brave and original effort of Carax (even though he didnt write the source material) yet isn't brave enough to thrown away its style and material. The enthralling long takes, massive production, set design, visual, and music from Sparks were equally incredible. No words. The cast was impressive and Carax's direction was, no doubt, great. Although every technical aspect is great, it's all tied together sloppily and with a pretentious final bow. Annette starts off strong yet slowly loses its steam to continue, with its very on-the-nose metaphor and its alienating world that has been built. It's certainly not for everyone and if odds favor, I might like/hate this or I don't know but it's definitely worth the wait.

If you are looking for something great, go watch The Green Knight (2021) instead. You're welcome!! :))

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