Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★★

For some reason I’ve always been very secretive about my taste of music and after discovering these guys that has completely changed. Genuinely the last couple of months talking heads has really been the only thing I have been thinking about and it all started here. The films that I have above this in my favourites list are films that I have personal connections to, whereas the feeling I get in this is something that a lot of people are seining to forget about for some reason. Just simply having fun. No getting analytical and picky with the filmmaking or other mumbo-jumbo just simply having a blast. And that’s what everyone on stage is doing as well. Something that really adds to my enjoyment of this is seeing how much fun the musicians are having while on stage. It give me a feeling that takes me out of whatever is going on in my personal life and just lets me have an absolute blast.

If you haven’t seen this, believe me YOU ARE MISSING OUT.
Phenomenal film, 10 trillion stars

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