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  • Tinker Bell

    Tinker Bell


    I was living in my first apartment when this was released. I'm not sure what compelled me to do so but I bought this day of release on DVD. My entire adulthood that has been a commonplace activity are buying movies day of release but this was the first movie to do so. I think in part I was charmed of the notion that this was direct to video and the computer animation looked really good. I don't regret buying…

  • The Terminal

    The Terminal


    It's weird the two little things I attribute to with this movie,

    1. This was the first movie I ever watched on an HDTV. It was only on DVD so the quality wasn't all that improved.

    The other detail is a little mystery that I've scoured the internet for but have never found anybody pointing this out at all. Early in the movie, Stanley Tucci tries to trick Tom Hanks into sneaking out of the airport by saying the posted…

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  • DC Showcase: Death

    DC Showcase: Death


    I admittedly don't know much about comic book lore outside of the movies and TV shows. If there are literary sources for this, I want to indulge in more!
    This surprisingly went directions I wasn't expecting. At first, I figured it was the story of a self-deprecating outcast fraught with paranoia and doubt both exhibited in the form of demons.
    The woman entering his life becoming his muse and inspiration all set to a somewhat gothic urban landscape.
    The twist…

  • The Killing of Two Lovers

    The Killing of Two Lovers

    I just met the directors father who was proud to be supporting his sons endeavors and I couldnt help but be encouraged to recognize this guys work. I hope it gets picked up. It sounds cool.