The Blob ★★★★

We’ve had a car accident, this guy needs to see a doctor! He has something on his hand too, some kind of acid or something...

Does he have Blue Cross?

The original Blob from 1958 is probably in my top ten, but this version is almost as great. It really is one of the best remakes ever. It retains the tight-knit community spirit of the original, but amplifies and focuses more on the distrust of authority figures and institutions. The most obvious difference is the level of brutality and nastiness, which I wasn’t quite prepared for and it was glorious.

Kevin Dillon’s performance isn’t very good but it’s also’s interesting. Shawnee Smith is just wonderful and I wish she was the lead in more things, she steals the show. The movie also has a great supporting cast of character actors including Paul McCrane (RoboCop), Frank Collison (The Happening), Art LaFleur (Zone Troopers), and Jack Nance of course. 

Easily some of the best practical monster and gore effects in any horror movie, and every sequence with the blob is damn close to cinematic perfection. I also got excited when they did the C.H.U.D. thing where a van parks on a manhole cover, trapping our heroes in the sewer. The ending teaser with the priest is classic.

Simply put, this movie is the shit. I still prefer the original, but this might’ve been my favorite movie if I’d seen it as a kid.