Suspiria ★★★★

Suspiria could be a prequel to the Dark Souls franchise. It's in the 'Death to all false Mothers' climax with the revolting monster design of Mother Markos - topped off by the blinder sunglasses. Or the creeping head-exploding avatar of death. Or the choral moaning and chanting, the rhythmic convulsive dancing, the triple disemboweled zombie girls, the color palette of the dungeon and the surfeit of blood.

The film bears passing resemblance to Argento's version. Climax aside, Guadagnino's style is quiet and slow. Like in Call Me By Your Name, ambient sound is at the fore. In each scene, there are quick cuts to still objects to establish the new setting. Just swap in a shot of a sickle for a peach tree. Just as CMBYN conjures the ideal of an Italian Summer, Suspiria serves up German Winter. My friend said it made him want to return to Berlin.

Come for the dancing or for Tilda or for the feminist overtones. But, be prepared for revulsion. You may need to hold back vomit at the first dance scene.

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