Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★½

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"A depressing, yet well-shot film..."

Inside Llewyn Davis stars Oscar Isaac on the title role of a musician who is down with his luck while he tries to make a mark by himself. The movie co-stars Carrey Mulligan, Justin Timberlake and John Goodman. While the plot is a bit straight and simple in the first take, what makes this film special is it's making. Coen brothers, like many of their films, made this one with much precision and class. Even though it's a bit hard for us to root for Llewyn, we will try to see things from his angle, just because the way Coens presented him.

The movie had just one intention. As the title suggests, we are here to meet Llewyn,a man who has a principle that is a bit self-centred. He loves his music, but he doesn't accepts the changes that is taking place around him. He is complex, even to himself. He doesn't even know what will his next. Now, I'm familiar with such people, and even I have such a trait. It's a bit hard to portray such a character, unless the creator have a strong environment. A stage that has conflicts of morality and a struggle for survival. Here, Coens created such an atmosphere, so that Llewyn can grow. Sadly, even with those efforts, it didn't quite made that mark. It's right there, but it's not perfect.

The reason is the directors compromised some of the harshness for the watchability. The plot is downright depressing, and it was a safe choice, if not the best, to tone it down considering the final product, which is an enjoyable one. With a memorable career-defining performance from Oscar Isaac, along with his incredible voice, Inside Llewyn Davis provides us a movie which is well-made and watchable....

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