Sunset Boulevard ★★★★

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“All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up”

A poignant characterization of the futility of fame and glamour, Sunset Boulevard still retains its significance. Billy Wilder’s Masterpiece is a brave attempt to portray the inside horrors of Hollywood is a well-made one in every aspect of moviemaking. With a story that withstands the changes, a well-knitted script, Sunset Boulevard is backed up with strong performances from Gloria Sanson and William Holden.

Norma Desmond used to be the scarlet of Hollywood, where there were no talkies. She was one of those unfortunate beings who have decided against going on with a talkie career and now she wants to make a comeback. That’s where the down-in luck Joe Gillis comes in. Perhaps Holden’s best one after Stalag 17, Sunset Boulevard helps its characters in a number of ways. With an incredibly innovative narration and some well-written dialogues, this movie has set the standards for Hollywood years ago.

There were a number of thematic interrelation existed in the plot, most importantly the derailment of human mind, when it can’t accept the change of reality. Sanson’s Mammoth of a performance is truly remarkable when considering how much of emotional turmoil such a person could’ve suffered. Sunset Boulevard, for the lack of better word, is a must-watch masterpiece…

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