Heat ★★★★★

I hadn't seen this in something like seven years, and I had forgotten so much it was like watching it for the first time again. Natalie Portman was in this? Waingro was a serial killer?! I don't really rewatch my favorite movies more than once a year, or once every couple years, but maybe I should do it even less. Shortest three hours ever.

As for the movie, what can I say which hasn't been said? You already know it's legendary. Up there in the crime movie pantheon alongside the first two Godfathers and Scorsese's '90s work, and almost for sure the best crime film set in modern times. In other words one of the best movies ever. If there's one flaw (and there by no means has to be) it's that I wanted more of it. More character development, more backstory. Today this movie would have been pitched as a six-hour miniseries (which I guess is what Mann originally intended?) and the story is rich enough that it would deserve one. Provided you could get the same caliber of cast and the same caliber of direction again... good luck with that!

P.S. Name 5 characters in all of cinema more reprehensible than Waingro. I bet you can't. And no, Hitler doesn't count.

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