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  • A Scene at the Sea

    A Scene at the Sea


    A tale of innocent love, spontaneous passions, and young life that seems short lived. All of this but in absolute silence. The silence when paired with Joe Hisaishi's music communicates something that most of the words would fail to articulate. The sea waves come in with a raging passion, a quest for achievement, and leave with the most cherished memories. Then a storm comes and takes it all away, only to became a ruin, a remembrance of lost past. The…

  • Whisper of the Heart

    Whisper of the Heart


    Fantasy or nostalgia? The world of ghibli stays in between these two extremes. Why is it that we feel an odd sense of nostalgia, whenever we sit down to watch a ghibli? What is it that is so enchanting yet so relatable? Places we do not belong to or places that probably don't exist in reality, we have grown to feel attatched to them so much so that we live vicariously along with the ghibli characters, in their fascinating worlds.…

Popular reviews

  • In the Mood for Love

    In the Mood for Love


    It is a restless moment
    She has kept her head lowered
    To give him a chance to come closer
    But he couldn't, for lack of courage
    She turns and walks away

    An exquisite piece of cinema which has definitely achieved perfection in terms of the amalgamation of stunning visuals and music. The abstract cinematography and poignant effect of the soundtrack explicitly depicts the mood that can only be felt. Repressed desires, feeling of betrayal and melancholy are described through mere…

  • His Motorbike, Her Island

    His Motorbike, Her Island


    "Koh, why am I here?"
    "I wanted to ask you the same thing."

    His motorbike, Her Island. He looks for the wind, like a wind she comes. They become the wind. They become the same person. When do the pronouns interchange, neither both the protagonists nor the audience are aware of.

    A Kawasaki acts much more than just a motorbike- An escape from reality, turning jealousy into a raging passion, uniting two spirits in search for freedom. Miyoko's carefree life…