Upgrade ★★★★½

Let me say right away that I’m very biased towards Leigh Whannell. 

That being said holy fucking sweet lord. I knew it was going to be good but that good? First off the cinematography during the fight scenes literally had me smiling from ear to ear. By far the coolest part. Logan Marshall-Green is amazing and y’all calling him knock off Tom Hardy are just afraid of his power. The world itself was so cool!!! Biomedical weapon implants?? Yo I’m over the moon thinking about this movie. And the GORE!!! AHHHH!!! Also stem is hot sorry about it.

Leigh if you’re reading this I love you and PLEASE KEEP MAKING MOVIES LIKE THIS.

We need more movies like this. We need filmmakers that want to make movies like this. Please. Unique and visceral and fun. Don’t stop making these I’m begging you.

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