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  • Aftersun
  • Double Indemnity
  • Oldboy
  • Climax

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  • Quest for Fire

  • Surf's Up


  • Speed Racer


  • Fantastic Mr. Fox


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  • Aftersun



    I didn't think it was broken. I've never broken anything before

    Most days, if not all, I wonder and inevitably doubt that I lack the language to convey emotional intensity. How do I say this is my favourite movie ever? Would you believe me that I felt something no other movie has ever made me feel? What combination of words do I need to say to be heard? What do I want to say?

    From the very first frame, the…

  • Asteroid City

    Asteroid City


    Asteroid City, to me, is Wes Anderson's best and richest since The Grand Budapest Hotel.

    "I feel lost"

    Wes Anderson. We all know him, love him, and more prominently pressing, recognize his uncanny and punctual style that he brings to every single one of this pictures.

    "All my pictures come out"

    Wes has built a brand of style and storytelling that rivals any other today. They not be historical epics or time bending thrillers, but they are just as…

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  • Quest for Fire

    Quest for Fire

    me and the boys on a quest for the zaza

  • Surf's Up

    Surf's Up


    Life doesn’t always have to be in advancement. Simple pleasures are universal pleasures. Simple pleasures are what make us human of this earth. Idgaf John Stuart Mills. Sometimes you just want to ride a wave of water on a piece of wood do you know any other animal that does that? For fun? Cowabunga my dude

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  • Bigfoot Family

    Bigfoot Family

    My provincial government spends $30 million dollars every single year to try and take down and protest against anti-oil and gas media.

    $30 million. Tax payer (me) money. Every year.

    The Oil and Gas industry is our biggest component to GDP/economy but the current government is so stubborn in their stance of not budging to change anything in the industry in terms of environmentalism.

    But regardless I only watched this after our premier held a press conference telling us that…

  • My Friend Who Shines in the Night

    My Friend Who Shines in the Night

    This man holds the uncontested title of being the most chill after discovering a ghost.

    I really really liked this from the simple and effective story to the minimalist animation style. I stumbled across this one in my recommended and I couldn’t be more happy that I found this.

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