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  • A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

    A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

    The "so bad actually a showstopper" kind of Christmas movie. I can definitely see this becoming a cult. There's a prequel to it as well, will save it for next Christmas.

  • The Lion King

    The Lion King


    The pinnacle of Disney's storytelling blueprint, it actually reflects interestingly on the adults' world view, only some 25 years ago, one defined by clear moral boundaries, aspirations and paths for success. Then the new millenium took over, with all its complications and Pixar.

    Can't remember a recent young audience animation that's so clear in its message.

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  • Megacities



    Glawogger, as hard as it is to remember this surname, as easily to recall his films. Megacities is a constructed documentary, focusing on poverty in some of the world’s largest cities (of the ‘90s): Mumbai, New York, Ciudad de Mexico, Moscow. Surreal images are intertwined with some of the most brilliant and hard worked editing seen in a documentary. The opening scene revolving around a packed train running through the Mumbai slums is masterful. Glawogger made no secret of the…

  • Rosetta



    Rosetta is THE archetype of an unstoppable young woman. She’s just barely out of adolescence, taking care of her alcoholic mother with whom she shares a caravan. She’s driven by a survival instinct that makes her constantly rush, not walk, look for jobs everywhere and a way to go about daily life. She’s in this position because the roles in her family have reversed.

    The first scene is a great character establishing one. Rosetta gets fired, the camera is raging…