• Cry Macho

    Cry Macho


    For a 91 year old doing both the starring and directing of this movie, id say Clint Eastwood did a great job. Let me be clear by saying this movie has a ton of flaws. For example, the scene in which Rafo and Mike get drove off the road by the attempted mugger and they quickly rebound from the incident without much incident makes it rushed and takes away from what could have been a decent final scene. 

    The acting…

  • Draft Day

    Draft Day


    An ok sports drama featuring a pretty solid cast. Only problem was the movie felt over dramatic and it was hard to take it serious at times due to the over acting attempts.

    I enjoyed the premise and thought that the actual draft plan by Costner’s character was pretty smooth. 

    If there is one thing Hollywood needs to do is they need to make a super solid sports drama. Other than Moneyball, I can’t really think of many excellently portrayed sports films that aren’t beefed up and over acted.

    I give this a 3/5 stars

  • Four Good Days

    Four Good Days


    A solid depiction of a broken mother who attempts to get her daughter on track to overcome her severe drug addiction. Her daughter has a chance to receive a shot to help her avoid the high factor of drugs but needs 4 more days of sobriety to receive it. This causes severe turmoil but also allows a strong mother and daughter bond to ensue throughout the process.

    Glenn Close was amazing in this role and you could just feel the…

  • Ex Machina

    Ex Machina


    What an absolute stunning film. This movie’s dialogue and concept is intelligently written and way ahead of Its time as far as the plot structure and synopsis. The movie reminded me so much of Spike Jonze’s Her but on a more sophisticated and intellectual level. 

    The acting was phenomenal and Domnhall Gleeson continues showing why he is such an underrated actor even if he’s in such high profile movies. 

    This film also solidifies that 2014 was most definitely a powerhouse…

  • Outbreak



    What’s crazy about this movie(even with it’s out of touch with reality plot) is that some of the panic and hysteria that stemmed from the disease reports is so much like where we’ve been this past year and a half. It’s crazy that a movie with such an insane concept can be related to an actual happening today.

    Solid cast of actors here and I really enjoyed Hoffman’s presence. Kevin Spacey was weird in this movie and definitely not his…

  • As Good as It Gets

    As Good as It Gets


    A pretty solid acting performance by the three main characters here. I would have enjoyed seeing Cuba Gooding Jr in some more roles however as his presence with Jack Nicholson was entertaining to watch.

    This movie had a lot going on and felt like multiple stories were created out of previously ended stories. Some things felt open ended and never concluded, but the ending itself definitely helped seal the fate of the movie. I don’t think it needed to be…

  • The Shallows

    The Shallows


    If you’re looking for a movie that plays the survival role, this is definitely a good choice, albeit a little goofy. The scenery in this movie was beautiful and made me wanna visit the location of the film. Blake Lively did a solid job holding the film together snd making the viewer stay interested.

    Generally, shark movies can go two ways, really good or really terrible. surprisingly, this falls into just a “good” film but I wouldn’t call it really good.

    Either way, not too bad of a flick and one that I can watch again. 3/5

  • I Am Sam

    I Am Sam


    Wow!!! Ok, so I can understand why some critics may have found some flaws in this movie, but a 35% approval on rotten tomatoes?!?! That’s absolutely absurd and I think that may be one of the most bullshit review scores for any movie I’ve ever seen.

    The acting here by Sean Penn was absolutely phenomenal. Yes yes I know the famous Robert Downey Jr joke from Tropic Thunder, but let’s be real. A movie was this terrific of acting would…

  • Cloverfield



    I remember when this first came out in theaters and how everyone was talking about this movie. I never had the chance to watch it until now and it definitely was pretty decent for a found footage type of film. These films with this genre can always go two directions so when it winds up going the good direction, it turns out to be pretty successful. There weee some moments that we’re definitely stupid in the film such as the…

  • A Ghost Story

    A Ghost Story


    Definitely not what I expected in the sense of what the plot of this film was about, but it was definitely interesting nonetheless. The way the director uses the themes in this movie was creative and intelligently thought of. When the climax begins after Casey Affleck’s death and his ghost appearing, you begin to wonder what exactly the sole purpose of the ghost is. Ultimately, you find that he’s unable to change the outcome of his life but he can…

  • The Beaver

    The Beaver


    A very very bizarre film starring Mel Gibson who uses a beaver puppet as his alter ego while he battles depression. 

    First and foremost, the message about depression and suicide was strong here and I do believe Gibson did a good job at someone coping with those problems. Jodie Foster trying to be the supporting wife was also good. It was just the strange way at which he coped with his mental illness that made for a strange story. Nobody…

  • In Bruges

    In Bruges


    This is like the European version of Fargo. The story is about 2 antagonists who are sent to Belgium after committing a crime for their boss only for an accidental crime to take place during their stay which backfires and causes a bunch of internal issues with the boss.

    I really loved Colin Farell in this movie and this is probably my new favorite film of his. This is one of those films people on Reddit obsess over, and although I…