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This review may contain spoilers.

Spoiler: John David Washington is the protagonist.

Look I made it through too many time travel movies and shows and books to be really impressed by TENET storywise. But it's a really entertaining blockbuster and the score is fantastic. Loved the action. Freaking fantastic. And damn Washington and Pattinson are great.

Biggest complaint: the dialogue in the first act was often horrible. Kinda reminded me of the Star Wars prequels. Sorry. Horrible exposition talk from scene to scene.

But it got better and better. At the end I even got a bit emotional.

And I don't wanna be mean, but they really didn't need to blow up a fucking Boeing for this. Any big vehicle would have done it.

That all being said, I love cinema. I really missed cinema. And TENET is definitely big, loud and pretty great cinema.

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