Carol ★★★★★

One of many delightful things: the structure, where we begin with a meeting between the two in medias res, then reset to the beginning and make our way through until we reach it again. Usually this kind of device is used to give us a preview: it'll all kick off, just you wait. But here nothing much seems to happen, we're observing it from the perspective of Therese's clueless friend. And then as the subtexts build and build over the course of 2 exquisite hours, by the time it happens again we know and feel so much about this 'innocuous' encounter that we didn't the first time, and the friend is walking towards the camera— Therese's perspective. We understand all their gestures now, and we understand what Carol wants and what Therese isn't ready to give her yet. Seems simple enough, but the execution is second to none. 'Seductive' isn't quite the word for it, because there's nothing fleeting or hollow at the heart of its persuasive technique. It's not leading you astray. It really is what it looks like, if you're looking hard enough. If you love Carol, she will love you back.

p.s. not just robbed at the awards ceremonies, but fumbled magnificently. A fucking freebie for those voters. Like here it is, here's your mainstream middle budget socially relevant Hollywood prestige picture, except it's actually very very good in every way. You can satisfy your middle of the road inclinations and still have all the people that know better than you celebrating your choice instead of calling you out for being boring like they usually do, how is that a difficult decision?

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