i unironically adore kingsman and kick-ass, so do with that what you will

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  • The House That Jack Built

    The House That Jack Built


    me *in scott pilgrim voice*: this is.... this is.... this is.... 

    you, reading this review *in wallace voice*: what?

    me *in scott pilgrim voice*: this is... booooring

    okay but in all seriousness this movie is a bit too pretentious and long and i’m 17 and know nothing and still would have done a better editing job :)

  • Spree



    literally what is this movie so funny for

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  • Fight Club

    Fight Club


    the year is 2020. the girls and the gays are reclaiming david fincher’s fight club. life is good.

  • Concrete Cowboy

    Concrete Cowboy


    “you don’t have to get out to grow up”

    concrete cowboy is a movie full of heart and featuring excellent performances from caleb mclaughlin and idris elba. although strong in concept, the movie falls a little flat in execution with jumpy plotlines and inconsistent pacing that makes it a little hard to connect to any of the characters on a significant level. 

    however, the brilliant camera work and beautiful score/soundtrack as well as the overwhelmingly warm sense of community that…