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  • Run



    With an outright and all too explicit premise devoid of flair, Run is inescapably sabotaged by its distinct lack of any and all suspense. While a disabled young girl trying to Home Alone her way out of some tricky situations could be interesting, it never actually is. Leaving a soulless film that meanders about without a single thrill to be had. In spite of that, Sarah Paulson is downright terrifying and supports the adequately shot film long enough to reach...…

  • Fatman



    Punished Santa - A Fallen Legend

    Fatman is a riotous, ridiculous, action-packed Christmas thrill-ride filled with rampant delinquency and quite possibly the most kickass Chris Cringle ever imagined. Too jaded to even check the list once, much less twice, Mel Gibson gives an absolutely perfect and surprisingly grounded performance as the Father of Christmas. Followed up by the rest of the hysterically deadpan cast, who serve to not only up the ante, but bring a level of absurdist fun to…

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  • Aliens



    More bombastic action adventure than atmospheric thriller, Aliens is James Cameron’s excellent sequel to the classic science-fiction focused space horror that influenced a genre. While taking a different approach, the new direction is the perfect shift for continuing the story while simultaneously destroying genre archetypes, without the monumental task of trying to directly compete with its predecessor. Motherhood is an absolute bitch, Ripley grows all the more while facing her nightmares, and Aliens is just as terrifyingly badass as the original.

  • An American Werewolf in London

    An American Werewolf in London


    Bound by a lurid mix of hilarity and horror, An American Werewolf in London claws at each and every emotion while remaining strangely down-to-earth. From a cheeky soundtrack, to some exceedingly monstrous special effects, the film strikes a discernible balance that keeps it utterly enthralling from its inception. Even pertaining to small elements like visual callbacks, every subtle moment acts as a reminder of the past, and of what terror is to come for the notably ill-fated characters. Whether it…