Perfect Blue ★★★½

Perfect Blue is a fugue psychological thriller with expert editing, transitions, and some interesting ideas. Sadly, the over abundance of re-awakening scenes makes the film feel more convoluted than actually clever. The film manages to snowball into a surreal and dreamlike state that echoes past the characters, but this is hampered by an animation style that leaves a lot to be desired. The soundtrack is on-point though, establishing an eerie atmosphere that bubbles to the surface during key moments that really feel terrifying. Overall, the film feels like a mixed bag that becomes less engaging and odd as it progresses. With one note-characters, a goofy final act, and various other faults, the film accumulates into something that can only be described as anything but perfect. Imperfect Blue fails to deliver the masterpiece suggested by its resounding scores, preferring to flop like a fish out of water between greatness and mediocrity before dying in a puddle of lasting habitualness rather than anything else.