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This review may contain spoilers.

The way I would ABSOLUTELY listen to Alice’s podcast. Even if it was to hate listen. Get those streams however you can girl. 

I loved the manic energy exuding from this film. I also love a movie where everyone sucks. BUT I will say, in a movie like that you do need at least one likable person and this movie didn’t have that. Well it had Greg, but that was short lived. Bee should have been either more likable or more mysterious. In that high tension moment where they’re asking her why there’s no record of her graduation or why she hasn’t been going to work, I was kind of just like “okay is that really it?”. Her mom was only mentioned once beforehand too, I don’t know, like I know that not knowing anything about her is the whole point but I feel like there should’ve been a little more meat to her character. Regardless, the casting, dialogue and direction are all so electric that it’s easy to overlook the sort of underwhelming protagonist. Rachel Sennott is easily the star of this movie anyway. 

Okay, how funny would it have been if our red herring, Max, had been a huge cameo? Like with 30 seconds left in the movie, Timothée Chalamet walks in like “woah what happened here?”

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