Parasite ★★★★★

"Rich people are naive"

I need a trauma recovery cake for myself because HOLY FUCKING SHIT FUCK this movie took me on one twisted roller coaster. To describe the plot as unpredictable is predictable, best way to describe it would be slow-burning mischief & chaos. Masterpiece, however, is an apt description. The story takes sharp twists and turns throughout so the 2:11 runtime flies by. The cinematography uses every edge of the screen to it's full advantage and also in very imaginative ways. (That includes the editing as well as the camera work) The stakes ramp up more and more and more AND more as the movie goes on, it reminded me of how I felt watching The Favourite (and a little bit of Us) for the first time, I was engaged, entertained, and also laughing my ass off, but there was a uneasy feeling that all of the sneaking & scamming will lead to an eruption that I won't see coming.

Spoiler Alert: I sure the fuck didn't see it coming. My jaw has never dropped so low for so long. Already beats out Once Upon A Time In Hollywood at having the most insane ending of 2019.

We're all shaking the dice, now if you roll them hard enough, could change your life

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