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This review may contain spoilers.

Yes... Dance. Dance. Keep dancing. It’s beautiful... It’s beautiful... It’s beautiful. 

full of lacan psychoanalysis, artistic gore, feminist metaphors, anti-fascism art and unforgettable dance sequences, luca guadagnino gives one of the best horror films i’ve ever seen. 

there’s a quote in the script during the final act which says: “she reaches up and pulls her throat open along a vertical to form a new mouth to speak out of”, and for me, that’s exactly what this movie is about: a new form to speak out of witchcraft. a new form to speak out of revolution. a new form to speak out of art. a new form to speak out of power. 

the beautiful and melancholic cinematography with cold and oppressed colors, the outstanding directing, the magical score and unique scenarios besides the characters development made in a unique way is what make this film a future classic. it may not work for everyone, but those who understand it will never forget it. 

by the end, i just wanted to cry. not from fear. not from repulse. not from sadness. but something deeper, that even i didn’t understand and knew about. thank you, luca and everyone involved in this, for inspire so much people with your art and make my life so much better with this film.

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