• The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star

    The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star


    That Fiona flip tho? 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Werewolf



    The best MST3K episode!

  • The Goonies

    The Goonies


    If this had been made today, it would be 114 minutes of kids sitting around on their phones watching TikTok videos while their houses are gobbled up by greedy developers. 

    God, the 21st century is a soulless hellscape.

  • Afternoon Delight

    Afternoon Delight


    A bunch of awful rich white people use and abuse an adorable sex worker for absolutely no reason. Good god! What ogre thought this up?

    Juno Temple, I love you sweetheart 💕

  • Possum



    Surprised I didn’t like this one more. I usually like these slow-burning art horror experimental films but Possum just didn’t bring it home for me. Great aesthetic and creepy atmosphere but the themes were ultimately derivative and overplayed.

  • Glen or Glenda

    Glen or Glenda


    The fuck people labeling this one of the worst movies ever?

  • Dread



    Dread is dreadful. What a hot mess of a movie.

  • Scream 2

    Scream 2


    Easily one of the best sequels ever made.

  • The Faculty

    The Faculty


    I fucking love this movie. Ever since seeing it in theaters when it was released it’s been on of my favorite go-to movies.

  • House on Haunted Hill

    House on Haunted Hill


    75 minutes long! House on Haunted Hill manages to get more out of its runtimes than a 4+ hour long MCU movie.

  • The 'Burbs

    The 'Burbs


    The fact that this only has a 3.5 average rating on Letterboxd and Midsommar has a 3.8 makes me sad...

  • Midnight Mass

    Midnight Mass


    Isolation. Addiction. Abuse. Hidden secrets. Past mistakes. Shattered bonds. Waiting for sunrise. Waiting for nightfall. A community in decline. Religion as horror. Death as catharsis. God is dead. 

    Easily my favorite Mike Flanagan production since his low-budget 2011 mindfuck Absentia. Hill House and Bly Manor just did not work for me on any level. With Midnight Mass, Flanagan wisely opts for psychological terror instead of his typical jump scares courtesy of misunderstood ghosts. It’s also a hell of a lot…