1917 ★★★½

So much of the discourse getting bogged down in the decision to go with the tracking shot approach for some reason. By now, this isn't really a novelty, and it doesn't seem to be intended as such either. Since, it isn't a novelty, it must only be judged on whether or not it adds or detracts anything to the film.

To me it appears as if it does a little bit of both. It puts some constraints on the narrative structure of the film which makes it a little awkward at times. Though starting off with strength and vigor, it is apparent that when Will reaches Ecoust this presented some challenges to Mendes & co. the tension and resolution of said tension feels very artificial. Nevertheless, the film pulls itself together and its climactic moment utilizes the tracking brilliantly. The reversed camera captures Will determination and ability to carry on. Through the duration the camerawork is a little hit and miss, but for the most part manages to develop a very becoming tension for this journey to the end of the battlefield.

10 nominations and the frontrunner stamp for best picture, however, is not necessarily deserved here. Very glad that Parasite didn't lose to this.

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