Carol ★★★★½

Sixth film from Royces picks for me.

This film makes me float. A love story simultaneously like any other and unlike any other, but most importantly like any other. It shows the struggles of a strong woman in a still male-dominated society and comes off as inarguably relevant. The film is absolutely beautifully shot as a world that constantly reacts to Blanchett's paradoxically iconoclastic titular character. Technically speaking, the devil is in the details, because this film may seem deceptively straight forward. If you blink you might miss some serious directorial flair, like impressionistic scenes, which inspired a new list that I'm gonna be working on a bit, associational pans from separate scenes and some pretty nifty POV shots. Like I said, however, these are only details, but they are details that help this work flow together absolutely seemlessly as it soars through the motions to Burwell's magnificently sublime soundtrack. Harge also works pretty well as a criticism of the capitalist fueled male. I got some seriously strong Brief Encounters vibes here and it kind of makes me want to rewatch it again at some point. . I'm tired. This film makes me float.

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