Lady Bird ★★★★★

WOOOOW I adored this!! I want to preface this by saying I went to Catholic School from kindergarden to 8th grade so I instantly related to all the gags related to that. Greta Gerwig is phenomenal at making characters with hyper specific mannerisms and interests that you would assume only exist in your head and makes them come to life on screen. I had zero clue this movie was so goddamn funny. Depening on the scene you either deeply relate to it on an emotional level or laugh out loud because it is SO specific to your highschool experience. It's a movie that I feel like me and a current 17 year old would each adore but for completely different reasons.

Seniors in highschool are so fuckin dumb (ME INCLUDED YEET) cuz we all thought we were geniuses man. I've talked with friends before about how a good method of making sure you're doing good in life is that if you look back to how you acted a couple years ago and say "wow I was a dumbass" then it means you've come a long way and are constantly improving. And this movie captures that exact feeling of looking back and laughing at how naive you were.

This movie is SOOO highschool that I was audibly laughing at so many scenes because it felt like what it would be to watch real life footage of members of my senior class and me just experiencing that year. The angst, the brash 18 year old confidence... its fuckin palpable in this shit.

Timbo Chalamet's character was perfect, we ALL knew that one guy in highschool... conspiracy theories, handroll cigs, plays in some Two Door Cinema sounding ass band. This dude is so good with his comedic timing but all anyone talks about is how handsome he is, tough life buddy. I legit was crying at the ending and tbh if a movie makes me cry it pretty much guarantees a 5 star rating. Greta understands how to make you really care about her characters where you're invested in there every move and it ends up being emotionally powerful. The details is the what moves you emotionally and not the big moments that feel like they're made to be in a trailer to look emotionally powerful (looking at you Waves).

These relationships with family we have are so confusing cuz sometimes it's out of love and sometimes it's out of obligation and when we are young and think we know it all we often forget that are parents are real fucking people too! And those moments you share with your parents that are by no means comfortable conversations often result in the most cathartic moments you experience. There's so many movies about guys being dudes but Greta Gerwig is the absolute best at picturing girls being gals.

"And I haven't lied in 2 years" -
Timothée Chalamet after busting a nut

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