Licorice Pizza

Licorice Pizza ★★★★★

Limbo and arrested development. I can relate deeply to being 25 and not being willing to move on from all the beautiful freedoms of youth while also maintaining a desire to finally become a full functioning adult. It's hard to keep yourself young at heart given the fact that growing up and becoming independent makes you have to abandon most of those behaviors. Alana tries to balance both but the reality is, it isn't feasible. She doesn't really know what she wants, she latches onto whatever and whoever gives her attention or makes her feel valued. She doesn't really know who she is, she just knows she wants to move forward but isn't willing to give up what's necessary to do that. Despite the movie being so bright and full of good vibes, I think Alana and Gary are not ending up together, the whole basis of their relationship is falling in and out. Alana is drawn to Gary because he has all the joys of youth in his life that she misses, but has his shit together like an adult. What Gary has is what she wants. It's possible to be a kid with responsibilities and assuredness, but it isn't really possible for a mature adult to keep their youth permanently, you can only tap into it every now and then. There is an air of sadness and desperation beneath Alana's character. In the end she's back at square one, but hopefully now with the knowledge to move forward.

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