Tenet ★★★★★

Watching this on a projector probably made all of the difference for me. This made me miss going to the theater. It reminded me that the best part of movies is watching cool shit happen on the biggest scale possible with sexy people on the screen. Ive said before how the Muppets make me feel like I'm 8 years old all over again, and this movie made me feel like i was 14 all over again, not giving a shit about the nuances of a film, but instead just taking in the experience. Tonight I had no interest in keeping up with the plot and trying to arrange puzzle pieces. I decided to just let the movie overtake me. Its funny and its dumb in a self aware way but its kinda profound too in a way it doesn't even intend to be. The action setpieces in this had me astonished and in complete awe. I dont give a shit about screenplays, I just want to feel something and feel it heavily, no matter how dumb or smart the execution is. This felt like Malick and Mann making a Michael Bay movie in the best way possible.

I had little to no hype about Tenet going into this watch after all the discourse thats gone on, it numbed any expectations i had and I ended up loving this shit. We live in a freaking Twilight world vro. #Mank [see hashtag]¹

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