Will Steele

My English teacher called me “one of life’s great wafflers” and that about sums me up!

Favorite films

  • Sunset Boulevard
  • The Graduate
  • Before Sunrise
  • The Truman Show

Recent activity

  • A Taste of Honey


  • The Host


  • The New Land


  • Marty


Pinned reviews

  • Cabaret



    Cabaret is classic with a capital C. It’s ubiquity within the culture endures. It is two-handed in its influence: it is iconic, acclaimed and adored, but also crucially it innovated cinematic language. It rewrote the rule book. In fact, it tore it to shreds.

    Fifty years on and it’s easy to take such a seismic work for granted by way of the musicals we have seen since. But all you need to do is take a look at the decade prior…

  • Muriel's Wedding

    Muriel's Wedding


    Back in the day, my go-to 'hottest take' was that Muriel's Wedding was the definitive ABBA Musical. Sure, Mamma Mia is fun, but Muriel's Wedding encapsulates the unbridled hope of ABBA's discography. It epitomises growing up on the optimism of ABBA and looking beyond your bedroom walls to the dazzling freedom awaiting you. Yet a fundamental part of freedom is the weight of expectation that follows. To succeed, to prosper, to marry: All come to ground our wonderment in reality.…

Recent reviews

  • The Batman

    The Batman


    Giacchino got me hooked harder on his score than any Gotham drop-dealer ever could.

  • Batman Returns

    Batman Returns


    It’s wild how Tim Burton seemingly strapped hundreds of tiny rockets to actual penguins and used them in the final act of Batman Returns. This same man went on to insist his crew train dozens of squirrels to expertly listen to, crack, and discard walnuts instead of using CGI in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. If that isn’t commitment to storytelling then I don’t know what is. Burton’s morose delight in relishing those practical and preposterous elements bring his earlier…

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