Another Round

Another Round ★★★★

You must accept yourself as fallible in order to love others and life.”

Drinking was never about the taste for me: it was about the experience. One wonders how this magic elixir can boosts ones confidence and banish those troublesome anxieties far from reach. To drink to be drunk can seem all too reasonable. A cruel illusion.

Another Round captures that naive awe of intoxication. To lose oneself when we forget who we were to begin with can be a natural crutch. The comradery of the toast and the antics that ensue. They resemble the weightless joy which defines life at its happiness. Yet when gravity returns, the price must be paid.

Moral self-assessment can be a trying and fruitless task. To drink or not to drink. To sober up or order another. What Thomas Vinterberg does here is offer something extraordinarily more soulful than that. He offers us balance. To remind us that there is a moment to drink and many more to merely be. To live for those around us without the confused notion that booze brings us any more happiness than love or friendship. Life’s problems are as complex as their solutions. Another Round knows and embraces that in the best way imaginable.

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