The Worst Person in the World

The Worst Person in the World ★★★★★

Joachim Trier has dismantled the intricacies of intimacy like no other with this film. His dissection of human relationships is performed with such surgical accuracy. Everything is laid bare. A scalpel is taken to our notion of social morality, severing the bonds that binds humanity to expectations or certainty. It is all done in the pursuit of something inextricably truer to life than what is normally asked of art. Trier’s cast execute the piece with extraordinary tact especially Renate Reinsve who is the film, and she rightly deserves every ounce of praise bestowed upon her. She makes it seem as if the world falls away whenever onscreen leaving only herself and her lovers as souls intertwined. Potency emanates from savouring every moment of beautiful uncertainty our characters kindle between them. Immense catharsis comes from their journeys of acceptance. First sought in the embrace of others, then in the difficult peace found in simply being. The Worst Person in the World captures this in such an idyllic cinematic prose that I forget where the story ends and my life begins.

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