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  • Palm Springs

    Palm Springs


    Moral of the story: if a man and woman spend enough time together, no matter how hedonistic or cynical they are, they will inevitably become a heterosexual couple and start living out a rom-com.

  • Kubasa in a Glass: The Fetishised Winnipeg TV Commercial 1976-1992

    Kubasa in a Glass: The Fetishised Winnipeg TV Commercial 1976-1992


    Starts off like an "'80s commercial cringe" compilation that you might find on YouTube, but the artful structure and editing soon become clear, with failed politician and talk show host Russ Doern used as a recurring subject. It's MY WINNIPEG in found footage form. The city begs for John Lennon to lend it glamour by visiting it, and speaks to itself through advertising. Canadians' tendency to be embarrassed by their own movies and TV comes through here, except the filmmakers of "L'atelier national du Manitoba" worked through it to see a local voice that's now gone from TV.

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  • Jojo Rabbit

    Jojo Rabbit


    When JOJO RABBIT opens in the US Friday, it will open the gates of hell, bringing forth 1)gushing praise from people taking it as face value as an "anti-hate satire" and 2)reactive hot takes from people who perceive it as this year's equivalent of THREE BILLBOARDS and GREEN BOOK. I hope this doesn't come across the latter, because it's not an outrage. It's a snooze. I want to make it clear that I have nothing against dark, politically incorrect comedy…

  • The Plagiarists

    The Plagiarists


    As obnoxious as its characters, but far smarter and more self-aware. The cinematography, which uses very primitive video cameras, had me thinking "Dogme 95," and 20 minutes in, one of the characters brings it up. The score relies on smooth jazz that sounds like a porn soundtrack, featuring an electric piano so tinkly that I wanted to smash its keys in, but the closing credits reveal that all the music came from a website that gives away generic songs in…