Midsommar β˜…β˜…β˜…Β½

Baaaaasically, Hereditary on a budget holiday...

Maybe seek professional help from a therapist when a breakup is this devastating. But if making films is much more cathartic for you, Mr. Aster... I hope they’re providing enough solace 🀝

Overall, I liked the foreshadowing, world-building, the atmospheric setting and the claustrophobic environment which was utilised effectively enough – phenomenal technical work – and Florence Pugh’s performance was terrific (liked the hint that provided more context about her character when the camera focused on her Ativan (?) pills – anxiety). However, it dragged, I felt like I was in the cinema for ages; the central aspect that anchors the film is clearly sketched out in the opening sequence, but isn’t explored effectively, for me; it didn’t seem to balance the themes it aimed to explore well enough: Was it attempting to tell a story of overcoming grief and introspection via a cleansing of the remaining piece of toxicity in β€œDani’s” life (β€œChristian”) by utilising an ambiguous ritual that provided a new family, a new life β€” another cult story? Or have I interpreted the film wrong?

The story – torturing a group of people to draw out the β€œpurest” one, or some shit, and fulfil a prophecy (loosely speaking) – worked the first time in Hereditary but not so much here. And so, the mythology wasn’t interesting enough, for me; you could pretty much predict what was gonna happen – especially that β€œsuicide” scene in the beginning lol, but tbh I said to myself: β€œlol it would be funny if they threw them over”. Additionally, when their Swedish friend gave them a guide of the woven tapestry on the hanging sheet β€œDani” inquired about, I was confident that the story or something, which had clear significance given how much time was given to it, was going to take place, so when β€œChristian” pulled a pube outta his mouth at supper, I was proven right: It was a foreshadowing tool. And finally, it didn’t use the R-rating to its advantage, it was just about unsettling.

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