Ran ★★½

extremely disappointed. don't wanna write a long review but:
positives are the aesthetic (everything looked incredible), a majority of the performances, & Kurosawa's direction was pretty good. 
negatives: the tone was off. the first hour was incredible & then some events occurred that were good. but it would literally go from a dramatic scene with one aspect of the narrative, to a sit-com type shitty acting aspect that i did not find enjoyable. this film consists of the Jar Jar Binks of Japanese cinema. this guy was so annoying throughout, horribly written & a bad performance. just pissed me off. i didn't really feel any emotional connection as well to any of the characters.

this film is based off of King Leer so i can't blame Kurosawa as much for the narrative, but the story just was very cookie cutter & didn't feel special compared to his other films. kinda seemed a bit like mcu movies in terms of this comparing to other epics. nothing special & somewhat forgettable.

it seems like i pooped on it, but the film was entertaining & didn't feel overlong. i couldn't call it a bad movie but just okay to me