How to Have Sex

How to Have Sex ★★★★½

NZIFF Film #20

Couldn’t have picked a better film to finish my film fest off for this year with — genuinely so brilliant!

The writing is so true to life in a very vivid way that I really wanted to ask in the Q&A if any conversations etc were done with young people to inform the film overall, because this is a rare film that genuinely understands young people.

It has a big tonal shift that’s so brilliantly led into through its portrayal of the hedonism that comes with clubbing, that sense of loneliness when 3am comes around and you’re still going,  wanting to leave and go home, knowing you haven’t gotten anywhere in those hours you were out — can’t think of another film that captures this feeling so very well.

Looks stunning and the performances are incredible — the film makes a big statement on consent in a subtle way that is carried solely on the power of the actors involved with their faces and words spoken (or lack of words).

The ending is something that felt so perfect the more I think of it, I really appreciated the hopefulness of it a lot more now in whatever the future may hold, and it didn’t suffer from the tonal change that came with it (of which this film has a few that are all handled so well!)

Molly Manning-Walker is such a talented filmmaker, watching this felt like watching a film from someone who’s already made a few great films — adore when debut filmmakers just smash it out of the park with films like this !!

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